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Burien Natural Gas did a great job - friendly easy to work with, attentive to our needs & concerns, good prompt work.  We have yet to really test our new furnace (because its summer ) but were confident it will work well.


Hi Matt,
Just wanted to send you a note~ Thanks for coming over & sending me the email several months ago... then coming over again 2/3 weeks ago so you could talk to Doug! I had 4 guys come out the first time, a lot of you said the same basic things, however you sent the email that described everything and make is completely stand out! That's what made me call you back & be positive right away that we wanted you to do the job!
This weekend, even though it was only 70 degrees outside, it was so nice and cool in here!!!  The difference between down and up is down to only a  5 degrees diff, which is Great!!!! I'll let you know if that changes when we get more consecutive days of warmth and want to have the thermostat moved.
Thanks again so much for everything!!! Hope you got to enjoy the sunshine.
Amy and Doug
Dear Mr. Nelson,
I was in business for 32 years, and seldom did anyone call or write to tell us that one of our service men or field personnel, did an outstanding job, yet many called to say that one of our trucks apparently threw a rock through their windshield!
(Most of which turned out to be bogus.)
I vowed, after I retired, that I would make a concerted effort to tell every clerk, sales person, service provider, etc., that did an outstanding job, what a good job they were doing! thus the motivation for this letter.
WE are in the process of selling our home, in Federal Way, WA.  The buyer insisted we have a qualified service group, check the furnace and file a report.  I made arrangements with your firm for the aforementioned service.
Your service man, Joe, showed up exactly the time your dispatch lady, Kim predicted!  Joe was personable efficient, even to the point of having made his own rendition of tools to use, that made his work swifter!
I found Jo to be not only efficient, but also knowledgeable about his business. I was impressed at how quickly he approached the work, and his sincere effort to do a good job.
We had a medical situation to deal with that came up after Joe arrived, and we had to leave.  However, I was so comfortable with Joe's candor, I asked if he would mind locking the garage after he had finished he's work, which he graciusly agreed to do! That is the kind of honesty and cooperation that to me, makes a super representative to your company.
In our opinion, you did not make any mistake in the hiring of Joe, or Kim for that matter, and you have a lot to be proud of with the quality of people you have chosen for your firm.
Finally, I found the quoted price was exactly what was invoiced, another indication of your firm's integrity!
Most Sincerely;
Carl L. Huber

I really appreciated the estimator's willingness to answer my questions and to come up with a creative venting solution so we could get the high-efficiency model we wanted. 
Everyone I come into contact with was helpful and knew what had to be done.  Everything was done in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend Trane and Burien Natural Gas Service.
Burien Natural Gas Service is a very good company. 
Very kind and helpful for my needs.  I have recommended then i complete satisfaction.
They are a very caring staff.
Eda Keith
Nice people to have in my home.
Connie N.
We love Burien Natural Gas.  They are professional, courteous & always come to our rescue in a timely manner.  Very dependable and fair.  We will continue to call them with our heating and air conditioning  needs.
Brian & Ginny G.
This could have been a terrible experience due to the time frame of the failure.  B.N.G. was very fast and professional, made it very bearable.
Great Company!
Rob & Deanna 12-09
We purchased the furnace to help sell our house.  Burien Natural Gas was recommended be our contractor who was doing some other work.  They were easy to work with arrived when they said they would and knocked our the job.
We have nor been home see or feel the work or improvement to comment, but enjoyed working with BNGS.




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